When you receive your invitation for a visa interview, there are certain things that you should have ready. These include your passport, proof of income or employment, and any additional documents such as letters stating why you will live in America permanently if granted entry.

You do not need these documents at the time of the interview, but you should be sure to pack them before coming so that you do not waste time looking for them later. In fact, some countries require you to bring your documents with you during the visit!

Something important to remember is that most visas last only three months, so make sure you don’t overbuy merchandise online or through popular shopping sites.

Your resume

what to bring to visa interview

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Now that you have done all of your preparation, it is time to actually go into your visa interview! While having a good handle on your career and life goals will help you feel more at ease with yourself, nothing can prepare you better for this than having a clear picture of what steps you need to take next.

Making an appointment or going into the visa office for your interview requires one week minimum advance notice. This means that you should be prepared 1 week before your visit, and possibly longer if they ask about additional things such as job offers or proof of adequate savings.

While there are some basic questions asked during every visa interview, others vary slightly depending on the country and position being applied for.

Your personal notes

what to bring to visa interview

Even though you have already done some research, it is important to make sure that you are fully prepared for your interview by bringing everything with you. This includes things like receipts, documents, and anything that can be used to prove who you are or what you own.

If possible, take pictures of yourself so that they will also serve as reminders of how you look today. After all, you would want to see yourself in person later!

Keep your phone at hand just in case there was any kind of announcement which may affect the timing of the appointment or if something unexpected happens.

Now let’s talk about what you should bring to your visa interview.

Names and addresses of people who will be there

what to bring to visa interview

When you receive your invitation, make sure to bring proper documentation! You should have this ready well in advance as some employers may run a credit check or require proof of employment before granting visa status.

You do not need to tell anyone about your visit except for your family members, but it is good practice to let friends know that you are traveling for work. Some companies will ask if you have any health insurance while on tour, so prepare ahead by buying a cheap fake plan just in case.

Lastly, remember to dress comfortably for your interview! Many times, they will ask how you feel about working abroad and whether you are prepared to live outside of your home country. If you don’t believe you are then you won’t enjoy living overseas which can sometimes be very difficult.

Your financial documents

what to bring to visa interview

When you arrive for your interview, make sure to have all of your important paperwork with you. These include: proof of income (like pay stubs or receipts), proof of residence (like a house deed or rent receipt) and proof of savings (like statements showing accounts or loans).

The interviewer will likely ask about these things as well as if you own any other assets like cars, boats, or other valuable items. They may also ask if you have debts or credit cards. This would include anything from monthly payments to high interest rate balances.

In addition to this, they may want to know how much money you have in the bank, and if there are reasons why you don’t have enough money saved.

Phone numbers for people who will be there

what to bring to visa interview

Having someone you can call at a given time is very important when going through a process like this. You want to make sure that your phone is ready, but also that you have their number saved in your phone so you do not forget it!

It is best to bring your own phone to the interview because some companies may offer a smartphone app or a mobile device to use while talking with professionals. Some employers may even provide an encrypted line so you do not need to worry about being overheard.

Make sure to test out your phone before the day of to see if it works properly and has enough battery life.

Positive attitude

what to bring to visa interview

A lot of things can influence how your visit goes, but having a positive attitude is one of the most important ones. If you have a bad day, you will feel much better if you bring yourself back from negative energy by looking at other experiences you’ve had with visiting companies and their employees.

You will also want to remember that this is just a meeting for both parties. This does not matter unless you make it so.

Some people get nervous before a job interview because they worry about making a mistake or being judged on whether or not they are qualified for the position. But what if I told you that everyone else in the world has made mistakes and done things wrong during interviews?

We all have! That includes me, and I have my own story as to why I could be considered ‘mistake-worthy’ myself.

So instead of worrying about making a fool out of yourself, think about how you can add value to the conversation. You should try to address whatever issues were discussed earlier and see if there is anything more you can say about them.

And once again, remain professional at all times. If you notice someone getting too emotional, ask if everything is okay and let them reply.