Arieh Sclar

Arieh Sclar is a second-year law student at Seton Hall University School of Law.  

Originally from Minneapolis, Arieh attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and wrote his undergraduate thesis on the history of immigration to the United States.  He later completed a doctoral degree at Stony Brook University.  

As the son of an immigrant, Arieh understands the challenges that immigrants confront face as they proceed through the complicated and complex application process in the early 21st Century.  He believes strongly in providing each individual with as much information as possible in order to allow prospective immigrants with an understanding about how the process works. This knowledge will allow individuals to determine which visa is appropriate for his or her situation and to approach the entire process with a clarity that is essential to making good decisions.  

America was founded by strong immigrants and each succeeding generation of immigrants has allowed America to flourish and expand this strength.  Arieh believes that immigration is the bedrock of American values and provides all Americans, regardless of their origin, with the positive outcome of an increasingly diverse population that is leading the way into the new century. 

Micah Pfotenhauer

Micah Pfotenhauer graduated from Saint Louis University in 2018 with a BS in Public Health and a BA in Anthropology. Her research thesis focused on the Bosnian Refugee community in St. Louis, MO. She spent a year in Southern Spain teaching English and improving her own language and communication skills. She is a passionate advocate for immigrant and refugee rights, interested in exploring the implications of technology and globalization on human movement. Her passion for this field grew through work experience at a refugee camp in Southeastern Italy where she directed therapeutic art workshops and assisted in Mediterranean rescue boat landings. She also worked for a Chicago-based non-profit supporting Detained Immigrants and Asylum Seekers. This work consisted of visits to a local Detention Center and Immigration Proceeding Observation at the Federal Court in Chicago. In her free time she enjoys visiting art museums, speaking Spanish and traveling