Finding employment can be tough for even seasoned professionals, never mind those who are experiencing a job search for the first time. If you’re looking to live and work overseas, there are always costs associated with visas, relocation services, employee benefits, etc.

Some of these fees are mandatory, while others are not. The amount dependent on your visa type as well as country of destination!

There are many different types of visas available for international employment. Each one has its own set of rules and regulations that must be met if you want to qualify for it. This is why it is important to know what cost related to an employment visa in UAE.

Many of these expenses are paid by the employer or recruitment agency so they aren’t usually included when calculating how much money you will spend living and working abroad. It is very common to find yourself spending extra cash because these things are typically bundled together, making it seem like the price per item is lower than what actually constitutes the total.

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In this article I will go over some quick tips on how to save money by finding your ideal employment opportunity before paying too high of a recruiter fee, outsourcing certain parts of the process, and other ways to cut down on the overall expense.

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Next, you need to find out how much the visa application process costs

how much employment visa cost in uae

Finding the cost of each step varies depending on whether you are applying for an employment or investor visa. However, there are some fees that remain the same across all visas. These include:- Application fee – VISA APPLICATION FORM (Form I-129)

Application form charges vary according to country. In Australia it is US$100 while in Canada it is CAN $150. The exact price in the UK depends on your nationality so check before filling anything else!

For FOREIGN NATIONALs working in Australia as an employee with residency, they may be eligible for income support such as health care and superannuation. For more information, speak with an Australian immigration lawyer.

These benefits can easily add up so make sure you have enough money set aside to cover them!

However if your goal is to invest in real estate then being able to pay off debt will play a bigger role in determining if this investment is feasible.

You should also know about loan requirements like credit checks, proof of savings and tax returns.

Third, you need to find out how much the visa application fee costs

how much employment visa cost in uae

The first step towards getting an employment visa is completing your application form and paying the appropriate fees. Most countries have their own government agency that handles this process for visas. These agencies can be private companies or ministries with offices around the world. In some cases, they are contracted out to third party vendors who handle the payment processing.

In the case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Navisia does all of the work for you! That way, you don’t have to worry about paying any application fees! All you have to do is register for an account through our site and login to pay your employee visa bill.

You will also need to verify your identity, which means providing proof like a passport or driver’s license. After everything is verified, one of our professional staff will review and process your paperwork methodically so there aren’t any mistakes.

It usually takes us two to three days to get the documents we need from employers and members of the community, so it’s best to start gathering evidence at least a week before the deadline. We recommend starting to gather as many documents as possible at that time because it’s difficult to track down some items after the fact. Make sure to check out our tips for more information.

Fourth, you need to find out how long the visa application process takes

how much employment visa cost in uae

It’s very difficult to estimate how much time it will take to complete your VISA application because there are so many things that can influence this. For example, if you have enough proof of employment or business acumen, then your documents do not need to be as thorough.

There is an eight-month limit for working in the UAE, which means most people who work here cannot apply for a resident visa unless they are planning on staying longer than two years. This could mean that employers may choose to hire non-resident workers instead of residents, thus limiting the chances of someone applying while on a tourist visa.

Fifth, you need to find out how to pay for a visa application

how much employment visa cost in uae

As mentioned earlier, most countries have their own embassies that handle all of your immigration needs. These are typically referred to as an “Consulate” or a “Representative Office.” They can also be called something like “Visa Application Centers” (VAC) or just “Visas” or even “Immigration Visits.” No matter what they’re called, making applications at these locations is usually paid for by the embassy or representative organization.

Mostly, people pay between US$50-$100 for this service depending on the number of documents being filed and the type of visa requested. This price includes both online and paper forms of the application. Some require you to speak with a person next to the computer while completing the form which additional costs may apply to.

Some Consulates offer free services to residents but if you are not then it is best to find one close to where you will be living so that you do not waste money paying for a service that you do not use.

Sixth, you need to find out what the visa application process entails

how much employment visa cost in uae

All employment visas have an application process that varies slightly from one country to another and individual employers to other individuals. Some countries require more documents than others though there are some general guidelines across all jurisdictions.

In Australia for example, workers must include their passport details with proof of residence and health insurance on top of their Australian Work Permits (AWP) or permanent resident cards (PR). They also need to bring copies of their CV and job applications. This is not the case in Thailand where only your PR card needs to be shown!

Thailand also requires close relatives to prove they live within 50km of each other so if you plan to move family members to join you then this will add additional costs and time to apply. These dependents can be spouses, children under 18 years old or even grandchildren up to age 17.

Seventh, you should know the different types of employment visas

how much employment visa cost in uae

There are five main employment visa categories for work and residency in the UAE. Each one has its own set requirements that must be met before you can apply.

The most common type of visa is the non-immigrant skilled worker (INS) visa. This allows you to live and work in the country for a limited time frame.

You will need to prove that you have adequate living expenses after your job has finished and that you will leave the UAE at the end of your contract. You also cannot do anything illegal or promote something harmful while working here.

If all these conditions are met then an INS visa can be obtained without cost. However, there are fees related to this visa category so it’s best to do some research first.

There are also investor visa options which allow you to become more wealthy in the UAE but this requires much higher levels of investment capital as well as income. These costs are way too high for many people who want to invest in the market.

Eighth, you should know how to apply for an employment visa

how much employment visa cost in uae

As mentioned before, most employers will cover this cost for their employees when they are hired. This is not always the case though as some companies prefer to pay for your visa themselves or have very limited budgeted visas that they can allocate towards employee costs.

There are many ways to earn money online and it is totally fine to make use of them but making false promises with income commitments makes people get discouraged quickly.

Be careful about what you say about salary and job offers during the recruitment process as well as after being offered work.

Ninth, you should know how to pay for the visa application fee

how much employment visa cost in uae

The United States government does not charge an application fee for employment visas. This is different from other countries that do require an application fee for most types of work permits or visas. However, they are common practice to add additional fees for processing your documents after you have submitted your application!

Many times these extra document-processing fees are not clearly identified as such until months later when you receive your I-card or passport with which you will need to authenticate yourself while traveling in the country. These additional fees can easily add up very quickly so it is best to be aware of them before arriving in the destination.

If possible, it is better to apply online because this usually eliminates the chance of being hit with a large documentation process fee.