Finding employment opportunities for international workers is not easy, even in your own country! Companies that want to hire foreigners will sometimes invite you into their organization as an employee, but it can take months or even years before they actually use you.

There are many reasons why this happens, but one of the biggest factors is the visa process. Some countries require more time than others to give you permission to work.

Some employers prefer hiring locals instead of foreigners because they feel that non-citizens will be less dedicated to the job. This is very frustrating when you’re looking for work abroad, especially since there’s a limited amount of jobs available.

Fortunately, most Western nations make it easier to find employment overseas. By and large, you don’t have to worry about getting a work permit nor do you have to live in a place where there are no jobs.

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Political asylum

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

For anyone who cannot afford or does not qualify for employment visa, there is another way to stay in the UAE. This includes obtaining political asylum. This can be done if you feel that your life will be threatened due to your nationality, politics, or both.

Political asylum comes with some limitations. You will need proof of this threat along with documents proving your identity and residence status in the country.

It is important to know that while it may seem appealing, political asylum is very difficult to obtain. Reaching out to professional help can save you time and energy!

There are many ways to find such professionals so that you do not waste your time looking at empty websites or speaking to people who do not respond to your questions. Yours could even be someone you meet during a social event or through work.

Family reunion

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

One of the most common ways to immigrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is as a family member. This can be your parent, sibling, or spouse that wants to move here with you. Or it could be your child who will go to school here.

The UAE allows two visas per person, one for yourself and one for each dependent that comes along with you. Your dependents must also live in the country permanently after they enter.

You cannot include anyone under the age of 21 on this visa. So if you are traveling with young children, then this may not work for you. You have to plan early!

Finding accommodation is another issue. The UAE does not offer working holiday visas so finding housing can take some time. Luckily, there are plenty of websites where you can look up accommodations and house rentals.

By being aware of what documents you need and when, you’re already more prepared than many people.

Business or tourism

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

If you are looking to live and work in Dubai, then it is important to know what kind of visa you will need. The most common type is for business or tourism. There are many ways to gain this visa, but most require you to have enough money to show that you can either invest into the city or travel with your family if you’re traveling as part of a tour group.

Business visas are even more specific and depend on whether your job is related to importing or exporting goods. You would also have to prove that there are no local employees who can do the same job as you and that your employment will not create any additional workers or employers. This last one is very crucial as both sides of the equation must agree that there are too many already!

Tourist visas are much easier to get as they only ask about how long you plan to stay and whether or not you have an apartment or house where you will be staying. These two points are usually easy to find so you don’t really have anything to worry about. But remember, even though it seems like a simple process, people can fall victim to fake documents and false statements. Make sure you do your research and check out all of the possible routes before going through the process.

Scholars or students

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

As mentioned before, working while traveling is not easy. You have to be very careful about your visa status and how you manage your money. More than that, there are some countries where it’s almost impossible to get employment visas unless you are rich or connected.

In this article we will talk about more difficult countries for work visas and why getting an employer sponsorship letter can take months or even years. We will also look at some tips to help you become jobless-free.

Why it’s so hard to find jobs abroad

There are several reasons why it’s so hard to find a job overseas. Some of them are related to immigration laws whereas other things come down to personal connections or luck. Let’s discuss these one by one.

Immigration laws

Many countries make it extremely difficult to live and work in their territory without having appropriate residency or citizenship papers. This applies both to short term (tourist) visits as well as long term living arrangements.

Some examples of this are France with its “TRAVEL RESIDENT” rules or Germany with its “GERMAN CITIZEN ONLY” policy. Both of those apply not only to tourists but also to people who want to reside and work there permanently!

Another example is Switzerland which makes it nearly impossible for non-EU citizens to obtain residence rights unless they prove they have enough money to survive financially here.

Job seekers

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

As mentioned before, working visa for employment in the UAE is very difficult if not close to impossible without having all of your documents ready. Even being able to prove you have enough money to survive while looking for work can be tricky.

Making things even more challenging, most employers will not be familiar with working visas in other countries so it may take longer than expected to find a job.

Job seeking at this level requires some time so try to be patient and understand that there are no easy ways to do this. Reaching out to community groups or hiring agencies may help you look faster!

Most major cities have lots of immigrant communities who can aid you in finding work here, speak Arabic which makes communication much easier too.

Criminal record

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

Finding out if you have a criminal background can be tricky, but it is definitely something that will affect your chances of being able to stay in the UAE. Almost every country has regulations about what kind of crimes are too serious to allow someone to enter their borders so this one isn’t really easy to avoid.

It is very common for people working in the hospitality industry or as an administrator to be asked to complete some sort of employment verification before they start work. This may include providing proof of residency, confirming no visa issues exist, and checking whether there is anything significant on your records.

In many cases, these questions are done via email which means it is hard to confirm how thorough the check was face-to-face. Even when things seem fine, you might find yourself having a conversation with someone who seems suspiciously friendly while also looking at his/her phone frequently.

Treating people politely and making eye contact could backfire though, especially if you don’t understand why they are acting nervous.

Human rights

how long it takes to get employment visa in uae

Recent developments for international work visa applicants include restrictions on your access to healthcare, employment opportunities, and of course, human rights. Work visas are designed to ensure that you can live and thrive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but they also require confirmation that you will be able to pursue employment once you arrive.

The UAE has some of the most generous health care systems in the world, but it is not always easy to access them. Employees are often required to provide proof of adequate medical coverage before being granted employment within the country, which can make finding such insurance difficult if done immediately after arrival.

The immigration department may also ask about job offers or prospects while applying for the visa, depending on what field you are seeking employment in. If you cannot confirm these things, then you run the risk of having your application denied.

Quality of life

Since most employers require at least two years employment, it is important to consider how long you want to live in this country before your visa expires. You should make sure that you have adequate savings so that you can live comfortably after work here.

Many people spend more time talking about the opportunities that are available to them in the United States or Canada than they do living their lives outside of the US. Because these opportunities are only open to those with a working visa, it sometimes puts stress on individuals to raise money for such a large down payment.

It is very common to hear stories of immigrants paying off loans and mortgages with credit cards because there is no other way to get the needed cash. This may not be ideal, but it is something that must be done if you want to stay in America or Canada.

There is also the issue of what kind of house you want to own. People who cannot afford a home will often settle for renting which does not give you true quality of life. If you need to save some money, investing in rental properties is one of the best ways to do it.