As mentioned before, in order to work for us at US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), you need to have your documents verified as legitimate. These are referred to as credentials.

Most employers require some kind of verification of employment beyond just having a job offer or proof of income. This is called employee verifications or employer credential checks.

It’s important to note that not every agency requires this process, but most large agencies do. The reason why it’s so common is because employees can go rogue and mishandle funds or products they’re supposed to inspect.

We verify their bank statements

how do us visa officers verify employment

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When you apply for a visa in Canada, your employment verifications can be done through your employer or via LinkedIn.

If you are applying for a skilled worker visa (for example, a professional position like accountant or dentist), then your employers will have to send us a confirmation of employment with them. For other types of visas, only one form of verification is needed.

We review your documents and make sure they match what we have on file before issuing you a work permit. If there is something we cannot confirm, then we will not allow you into Canada! This happens very rarely.”

It is important to remember that if your job ends at the end of the season or year, it must be confirmed as such! A casual position does not need to be verified as long term unless there is proof that it is.

We require them to submit a letter of invitation

how do us visa officers verify employment

As part of our screening process, we also ask for a letter of employment from your employer. This is typically done through an online service where you can create or access an account.

We want to make sure that you will get good care of the property that belongs to the company you work for, so most employers have provided us with their employee email accounts as well.

By verifying this information, it helps ensure that someone does not go into the country on your behalf using your credentials. It also helps confirm that they actually work for the company they claim to.

We require them to submit a proof of accommodation

how do us visa officers verify employment

As mentioned earlier, we ask that they bring along their confirmation letter or statement proving where they will be staying while in Canada. This can either be done through a friend or family member, or via online apartment listing sites like RentHop or Apartment List.

If you’re renting an apartment from yourself as the landlord, make sure your house is in order first! Landlords are usually asked about these things during the application process, so do yours now before coming to visit. You should also check out if there have been any complaints filed against the building or its management.

Since most employers give their employees paid time off for vacation, it is not uncommon to see people posting pictures and comments saying how beautiful the beach is where they will be traveling next week.

We require them to submit their passport

how do us visa officers verify employment

As mentioned before, we need proof of employment beyond just having it in our possession. This is one of the things that can put some people under pressure when they are trying to board a flight with an expired visa.

We ask for copies of documents issued by your employer, confirming you work there. These could include employee badges or passports, pay receipts, payroll records, etc.

We also want to make sure that these documents show no instances of leave during the time frame of the validity of the visa. If this is the case, then it may be extended!

If you’re worried about something going wrong at work, then don’t worry. We have trained officers who do background checks so if anything looks fishy, you’ll know.

We require them to submit their return ticket

how do us visa officers verify employment

As mentioned earlier, we check your employment records via both public and private sources. These include job applications, payroll documents, interviews with colleagues, and conversations with superiors.

If you are asked about this information during the visa process, don’t lie – it will be found out! It is much better to be honest from the beginning than have issues later because of lies you told us.

We will also ask to see proof of payment for health insurance or other benefits. This can easily be verified by checking online bank statements or doing a quick phone call to the employer.

By using these resources, there is no way anyone can fake and prove that they work for the same company as stated on their passport or visa.

We require them to submit their health insurance

how do us visa officers verify employment

As mentioned earlier, we verify employment via two main sources: job applications and verifying work histories through employee databases or other means.

Job application forms often ask if you are currently employed and what position you hold there. If you’re able to prove it, great! But if not, it may be difficult for us to trust your word.

We also request that employees submit proof of their medical coverage via an annual membership with an employer-sponsored healthcare plan or otherwise show they have access to free or very inexpensive care.

If someone is unable to provide this information, it raises suspicion and questions about whether they can afford adequate health care for themselves and their family members. This impacts how well our office can do its job protecting the community from fraud.

We require them to submit their driver’s license

how do us visa officers verify employment

A piece of paper called a “employment verification form” is what we refer to as the second part of our employment screening process. This document asks us to confirm some basic information about you, your employer, and how long you have worked for them.

It also includes questions that ask if there are any legal actions or proceedings against you or your employer, and whether you have ever been convicted of a crime. These convictions include things such as misdemeanors (like traffic tickets) and felonies (for example, murder).

If you’re asked anything beyond these simple yes or no answers, it should be considered suspicious activity and reported to one of our teams at Visa.

We require them to submit their car

how do us visa officers verify employment

When you apply for a visa in the United States, one of the first things we look at is your employment status. This includes proof that you will be earning enough money to make adequate financial contributions while here. It also means confirming that you work for a legitimate employer or organization.

If you are asked about your job during the application process, do not lie about it! Not only can this affect your immigration status, but it could hurt your chances of being hired in the US once you are here. Employers run background checks and ask around about you before deciding to offer a position.

We have all seen those applicants who seem very enthusiastic about working for a company they mentioned several times on the interview. Unfortunately, these interviews happen after the applicant has already been offered a position and accepted it. If the interviewer discovers something about the candidate’s past, they may choose to rescind the offer – even if nothing illegal was found.

It is important to be honest when answering questions about your employment. Luckily, there are some easy ways to verify your employment. Many employers leave notes and messages with colleagues, others get paid via direct deposit, and some use payroll services that track employee time.

Need help beyond these? You can always talk to your family members or friends in the country to see if they know of any open positions. They might be able to help out by referring you to someone they knows at an appropriate firm.